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The internet has been a boon to independent retailers. While this is a positive thing, it’s not without its pitfalls, particularly when a retailer has no bricks and mortar retail unit to provide a sense of reassurance. Just who is at the other end of your monitor? One of the things I like to do on Bespokeme is highlighting dependable online only retailers. This usually entails calling people up and interviewing them over the phone, and … [Read more...]

The Smart-Casual Dilemma


I’m a big fan of polo shirts. Their pique weave makes them perfect for wicking away sweat during the long, hot summer months from July to September; they’re low maintenance; they suit almost everybody; and their collar serves to make them that bit smarter than crew or v-neck tees. On weekends, the polo shirt is without doubt my most essential “go to” item – I have at least six or seven in various colours. However, I’ve never … [Read more...]

Made to Measure Suiting at Stephan Shirts: Part 4


Well here we are then, the final part in the series (follow the links for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). The suit is made and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result, particularly with regard to the trousers. Indeed, the suit must have something about it as I wore it to a second round interview and got the job. That’s one special suit alright. Recapping, I set Erlend at Stephan Shirts a number of difficult tasks to test his … [Read more...]

A Man On A Mission: The Perfect Soft Roll Button Down Shirt


Long time readers of Men’s Flair may remember that a while back I wrote of my desire to set up my own clothing label; and that the first product I wanted to offer was a perfect soft roll, button down, oxford cloth shirt. This whole endeavour was dependent on two things happening. The first ‘happening’ was laid down by my girlfriend, Westie. It ran along the lines of: leave Parliament, get a well paid job, and then you can engage in … [Read more...]

The Style of The Talented Mr Ripley


One of the greatest sources of sartorial inspiration is, and probably always will be, the silver screen. Who can forget the impeccable suits of Sean Connery’s Bond, or the preppy-meets-cop style of Steve McQueen in Bullitt? Modern technology has made the ferreting out and dissemination of stylish films much easier than it was when I was a nipper. Which is just as well for you, dear reader, as I can share with you a supremely stylish film, … [Read more...]