Style Icon: The Duke of Edinburgh


As one of the oldest members of the British Royal family, you would not expect Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) to be the most controversial and yet this gruff, plain-speaking, perpetually joking consort to the Queen is rarely anything but. A recent television interview in honour of his 90th birthday highlighted some of his increasingly impatient, fogeyish tendencies and provided some glorious PR-free gems; “I’ve done my bit, … [Read more...]

A New Beginning: Bow Ties


This week I took my first nervous steps into the world of the bow tie wearer. I say nervous steps because few things mark you out as a lone wolf amongst the sartorial sheep quite like a bow tie. Indeed, in any one year I can count on one hand the number of times I see a man wearing said item. Sadly, and despite the continuing trend for all things ‘Ivy’, those men you do see wearing bow ties often conform to the stereotype. On the … [Read more...]

Sexuality and Style


Sexuality and style are two of the most misunderstood facets of life. Combine the two and you are presented with one of the most confused, jumbled, nonsensical, contradictory forms of human signalling and communication I have ever encountered. Sex itself is not the issue; although it boasts an enormous and essential role in the fashion world, in style it is an also-ran. Sexual appeal is the issue and it has become the shy elephant in the … [Read more...]

Reviving Seersucker


Seersucker. Now, I always assumed that it was an America-born-and-bred kind of fabric, but in fact seersucker’s history in the Western world began - as a lot of men’s fashion did - with the British Empire’s pasty colonists, who were taken by the fabric’s ability to keep them cool in far-flung tropical locations. When seersucker eventually arrived in the United States it found a natural home in the South. Gents there who were looking … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas


With Father’s Day swiftly approaching, I present some gift ideas for the stylish dad in your life. The Necktie A necktie is the ultimate stereotypical Father’s Day gift.  Although the idea is cliché, no man can have too many neckties.  For a really good bargain tie, check out The Tie Bar where every tie is fifteen bucks.  Pictured is one that I own in Carolina blue.  It will be mistaken for a much more expensive tie (mine … [Read more...]