The Solosso Custom Made Shirt Giveaway


It’s always a challenge to find great fitting, well made clothing at affordable prices. With shirts, that challenge is even higher. You wouldn’t think it possible with all the “custom made clothing” services that emerged on the Internet in recent years. Reality is that usually only a glimpse over the images of the clothing offered at these services is enough to make you look for the close button in your web browser. We were, therefore, … [Read more...]

Made To Measure Suiting at Stephan Shirts: Part 3


As of this moment, I am a very happy man. Why? You might ask (even if you didn’t ask I’m going to tell you). On Saturday I visited Erlend Norby at Stephen Shirts to try on my new made-to-measure suit. You might remember we had Part 1 and Part 2 over 5 weeks ago now. Well, the suit was made up and Erlend wanted me to come in and try it on. As I stated before, made-to-measure gets a bad rap, deservedly so in most cases. But, and it’s … [Read more...]

The Sartorialist’s Summer Dream, Pt 2: The Alternative Summer Season


In my last posting I highlighted some of the opportunities open to you for a little summer time glamour. In an increasingly informal world, where men are commonly seen going out to dinner in jeans and t-shirts, it’s nice to know there are places where classic standards of dress still pertain, and that some people are prepared to make the effort. In England we are spoilt for choice. While my last post highlighted those for the formal … [Read more...]