This season I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with the colour turquoise. That’s not a sentence you’ll read very often, and with good cause. As colours go it’s jarring to the eye and seems almost unnatural. It would seem impossible to pair it successfully; and incorporating it into a look certainly appears to go against the accepted wisdom that a successful look is one of harmony. What might conceivably harmonise with such a … [Read more...]

Albert Ahoy: The Monegasque Royal Wedding


Another wedding, another balding royal; but this time there was something slightly peculiar about the ensemble, something Mediterranean. In the tiny, Hyde Park-sized principality of Monaco, Prince Albert II married his South African bride Charlene Wittstock in the Saturday sunshine. There was no carriage ride, no cavalry guard, no scarlet tunics or polished riding boots. Instead, the Grimaldi scion wed in an ivory-white military uniform … [Read more...]

Review: Made-to-Measure Shirt from Solosso


I’ve had the pleasure of wearing several made-to-measure (MTM) shirts in my sartorial journey. My most recent experience came by the way of the online shirtmaker Solosso. Solosso is a Swiss owned Singaporean company (don’t ask me how that came about) founded in 2009. They take pride in creating environmentally friendly and socially responsible stylishly tailored custom dress shirts at an affordable price. I’ve taken the time to bring you … [Read more...]