Dressing Like James Bond


This article is guest post by Matt Spaiser of The Suits of James Bond. Every man admires James Bond's clothing, but have you wondered what makes the secret agent's clothes so special? It's mostly about the suits, and a well-fitted suit makes all the difference. But what about the style? Bond's suits have always been on the more traditional side, often with 3-piece suits for the office, though Bond always found some way to bring elements of … [Read more...]

Links: Double Monks, Fall Season, Asian Haberdasheries


• Black double monks duel. (downeastandout.tumblr.com) • It’s officially start of the fall season on The Sartorialist. (thesartorialist.com) • The birth of  high-end menswear labels in Asia. (ft.com) • Brooks Brothers big on patchwork this fall. (ivy-style.com) • Classic argument for sticking to classics.  (to-the-manner-born.blogspot.com) • Your 3 roll will eventually become the perfect 3/2.5 roll.  … [Read more...]

Buying a Pair of Shoes for £300: Church’s, Crockett & Jones or Tricker’s?


Picking out a good pair of shoes is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. That’s not to say that my current crop of dress shoes is terrible – I’ve got a small but solid collection that served me very well for the past few years – but I’ve long fancied a pair of solid, Northampton-made jobbies that both look the part and can stand up to the elements. After long periods of lurking and reading through old StyleForum threads I … [Read more...]

If – The Straw Boater


I vaguely remember reading a copy of The Chap magazine once which proclaimed that the straw boater was the hat of the century. This distinction was achieved by virtue of the fact it could be worn by both the gentleman and butcher’s boy. The straw boater is descended from the sailor’s hats issued to midshipmen in the Royal Navy near the end of the nineteenth century. The aim was a simple one, to provide protection to sailors from the … [Read more...]

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• Your eyewear says more about you than your shoes. (gentsdresser.blogspot.com) • A new breed: wannabe street-style icons. (gq.com) • Review of Carlo Riva - the finest shirting fabrics manufacturer. (sartorialnonsense.blogspot.com) • Deep thoughts about style vs. appropriateness. (afistfulofstyle.tumblr.com) • Seasonal nostalgia: the tropical white jacket. (yankee-whisky-papa.blogspot.com) • This is probably the longest … [Read more...]