Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Twenty-Two


While checking through the latest posts from men's fashion blogs it struck me that the vast majority of my favourite writers are younger than me (I'm thirty), often by a good five or six years. Looking back at how much I knew about style when I was their age is a rather humbling experience. When I was twenty-two the most stylish suit I owned - or so I thought - was a ventless chocolate brown number that I had made by a Bangkok tailor. I used to … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: The Plain Silk Satin Tie


I used to be very fond of silk satin ties. I remember purchasing a navy slub silk in a sale at Debenhams when I was 16, gravely disappointed that the ‘shiny’ silks had sold out. After my friends had abandoned me to what was essentially an enemy activity (clothes shopping) I rifled through the huge tubs of ties, clutching for that deliciously smooth fabric. I was purchasing for a wedding and wished to wear a plain tie – all the rage as far … [Read more...]

Contrast: M65 Jacket


Credit: TheSartorialist Contrast is one of the most effective weapons in a man’s wardrobe arsenal, and I don’t just mean the contrast of colour or texture either. Some of the most successful looks I’ve ever come across stemmed from an alignment of two or more items which were the antithesis of one another. For example, back when I was policy advisor to the Shadow Minister for Shipping we went down to the Southampton Boat Show as … [Read more...]

Reorganising the Wardrobe


One of the most frequent questions I am asked about my clothing; “Where on earth do I fit it all?” Work colleagues, friends, visitors to my blog and even my family wonder that I can be properly storing what appears to them to be a vast amount of clothing. Do I use vaccum bags for out of season clothing? Is it all mothballed in a warehouse? Where on earth do I put my ties? One person, asking me how many I possessed, stated their own level of … [Read more...]

Sunday Links: Sartorialist, Silentist…


• Sartorialist’s photo of the month. ( • Navy and green once again proven a perfect match. ( • The Duke of Windsor Collections. ( • Sometimes a smile is best accessory. This didn’t sound postmodern at all. ( • ADG of Maxinimus switched from Blogger to Tumblr. ( … [Read more...]