Travelling Light


In England this time of year is Party Conference season. As a newly enlisted member of the lobbying fraternity, for me this means attending all three big conferences -12 days in three different cities in under a month with meetings from early morning to late at night. Few things are quite as undignified as travel, and modern travel even more so. Oh for the age when one could send one’s man on with the baggage in the style of Bertie … [Read more...]

To Bristle with Pleasure


“Growing old offers as many pleasures as punishments.” So says the optimist. As I approach my fourth decade, the low water mark for ‘maturity’, I have experienced few of these famous ‘pleasures’; the supposed glory of an early bed, the wondrous quiet of an evening in. The trappings of the slow descent to the grave are perplexing to me; I have been unable to relinquish the defiance of youth and the splendid extremes of love and hatred … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: The Rugby Shirt


A funny thing occurs when I tell people I used to play rugby for my house: absolutely nobody believes me. Scoffs are heard as far off as Trafalgar Square when I recount stories of scrum-half school heroics; expletives of disbelief are muttered into pints of ale. But as “slight” a frame as I have and as “frilly” as some of my interests appear, it’s hardly a huge stretch of the imagination that I once bounded up and down soggy fields in … [Read more...]

Links: NY Street Show, Blue Jackets, International Style…


• New York Fashion Week street style. ( • A man cannot have too many blue odd jackets. ( • Another piece from ASW’s Will Boehlke for Forbes on the subject of international style.  ( • Classic, elegant, quality, affordable shoes… What’s not to like? ( • First impression: Tricker’s Newbury with Dainite rubber soles ( • Shoes restoration … [Read more...]

RAF Blue


I’m continuing to dither over the choice of my next bespoke suit. I’d thought I’d settled on either a casual weekend check; a modern box cut suit in cotton or cord; and, finally, a grey or navy chalk stripe. These choices, as you may remember, were causing me an ample sufficiency of headaches, in terms of coming to the point of decision. I guess this is one drawback to always thinking in pictures; you can too readily imagine how each … [Read more...]