Mode Rage: Sewn in Pocket Square


I don’t watch much television. I find a lot of the ‘entertainment’ that is transmitted through the box to be banal, idiotic and depressing. ‘Reality’ television, which has eaten up much of the schedule, is particularly disagreeable to me, although there are a few notable exceptions in this category that appeal to me, chief amongst them the splendid Dragon’s Den on BBC2. For those unfamiliar with the program, Dragon’s Den is … [Read more...]

My Two Scents: Autumn and Winter Scents


I love Sunday evenings on my little street. The sky, which often roars with Heathrow-bound air traffic, is relatively quiet, the sirens are few and far between and my neighbour fills his fire with oak logs which, in turn, fills the air with the aroma which Diptyque refer to as ‘Feu de Bois.’ One whiff and you are transported to the countryside, to a fireside idyll in the woods with crunchy leaves underfoot. After beatific smiles and … [Read more...]

Bowties & Bogans


This is a guest post by Trent Beven The other evening my girlfriend and I were walking down the main street of our town to an art opening at my favourite gallery; I was a bit excited about this but more excited because I was wearing my new bow tie from Le Noeud Papillion. While we were stopped at traffic lights I noticed a car waiting there also. What drove my attention to the car was that the girl inside looked right at me, laughed, … [Read more...]

Links: Perry Ellis, Sartorial Library, Feminine Side…


• Perry Ellis: the real deal. ( • What not to add to your sartorial library. ( • Elegance-conscious gents or “men willing to accept their feminine side.” ( • Portrait of a Parisian dandy. The last picture is priceless. ( • Haters gonna hate. ( • 2011 lookbook. … [Read more...]

Going Green


I’ve decided I’m going green. An unusual pronouncement for a former policy advisor on aviation, so perhaps I ought to qualify that statement. Of all the colours present in my wardrobe green is conspicuous by its absence. Why I’ve omitted this colour I’m not sure. I’ve spoken to many a shirt maker and clothing retailer, all concur that it is not a colour favoured by many men. On the whole when we think of adding colour to our wardrobe … [Read more...]