Why the Fuss? SuperDry


Vigo Street was once one of my favourite thoroughfares; snaking from my favoured shopping boulevard, Regent Street, brushing the southern tip of Savile Row and turning into Burlington Gardens. It is a shortcut from the hushed luxury of Old Bond Street to the buzz of Soho; a walkway that takes in Ede & Ravenscroft, Gieves & Hawkes, Reiss and Austin Reed, as well as a delightfully empty Starbucks that looked down Sackville Street; perfect … [Read more...]

The Velvet Blazer


One of my friends recently told me that he wanted three things from all garments of clothing he purchased; quality, versatility and style. If one of these ingredients was missing, he rarely considered completing the transaction. I agreed to an extent but warned him, naturally, that men often have different interpretations of the first and last ingredients; quality is relative and style is personal. However, I did agree with him that versatility … [Read more...]

A Reader’s Question: Retro or Fashion


“I notice you often wear very different cuts of suit. Some of them seem to be homage to 1920s/30s – the tailored ones with pleated trousers and turn-ups – and some of them are of a more fashion forward cut; slimmer trousers, shorter jackets. I think most of these are from cheaper stores. I was just curious to understand what you think I should go for; a retro look or a current one?” - Bruce, Chicago The above question was sent to … [Read more...]

A World Wide Wardrobe


I’m not an easy traveller and don’t really do holidays except under duress - liberally applied by my girlfriend Westie. One thing that does motivate me to leave the country is the promise of filling certain gaps in the wardrobe. It’s funny how one associates certain items of apparel or modes of dress with one or other country. For example, I always associate England with suits and business shirts. Conversely, I always associate America … [Read more...]

Links: Movember, Sweats, Black Tie…


• Winston is growing a ‘tache for Movember. (venividivrai.blogspot.com) • Grown-up way to wear sweats, or is it? (thestyleblogger.com) • A thought or two on black tie. (thefineyounggentleman.com) • Check out the check options. (savilerow-style.com) • Personal style: Paul Weller. (gq-magazine.co.uk) • On business shirts. (admiralcod.blogspot.com) • The necktie: brief history. (kingpinchic.com) … [Read more...]