The Burgundy Suit


There is a brief scene in War of The Roses when Kathleen Turner wanders through her carefully and expensively assembled home, tweaking pillow cushions and rearranging ornaments, finding things to amend. She had the disconsolate demeanour of a person who has completed an enormous task and yet can find nothing better to do than survey the finished product. Perfection is such a dissatisfying state. When we are without need of occupation we … [Read more...]

A Turn around Italy: A Thought or Two


I’ve just returned from another wonderful trip to Italy, sampling the delights of Florence, Sienna and the Tuscan countryside. They say travel broadens the mind, and I’m sure it does. It can also be ever so slightly depressing. If you occasionally cross the ether and visit BespokeMe you’ll know that my major preoccupation is locating London’s independent menswear labels and retailers. It is, I’m sorry to say, a less than easy task; … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: Men’s Uggs


Everyone I know, and possibly everyone I have met, is aware that comfort is not my priority in clothing. It is certainly something I consider; I wouldn’t inflict pain or unease on my body no matter how stylish an item of clothing or footwear might be, but it is an ‘also ran’ of my considerations. To begin with, living in the city precludes the need to base clothing choices on waging a permanent battle with the elements; secondly, comfort … [Read more...]

Something Different: Coats and Boots


As winter draws near, it is said we turn to the familiar and simple for reassurance and comfort; our beaten-up overcoat, a standard pair of stout boots. These are the things we uncovered and de-mothballed in September as the leaves began to fall. We brush them off, steam them through and touch them with the affection of an old friend. We remember the nights which they shared; the harsh winds, snowfall, sneezing fits and icy tumbles and we thank … [Read more...]