Links: Oversized Suit, Bow Tie Rules, Alterations…


• Rehabilitation of an oversized suit. ( • 5 rules for the bow tie. ( via • When alterations are more expensive than the garment itself. ( • Review: Howard Yount lambswool sweaters. ( • The Lure of the Borsalino at JJ Hat Center ( • Modern British tailoring: Thom Sweeney. … [Read more...]

The Way You Wear Your Hat: The Bow Tuck


As I was wandering along the platform at a tube station, I noted the remarkable number of men, many of advanced years, with untucked shirt tails. One of these men, a solid looking chap of about fifty years, stood squinting at the dot-matrix, posed in a pair of well-cut jeans, a cord jacket and a red candy striped shirt which was untucked. Everything else in the ensemble was neat; the jacket was a decent length and fit; the jeans slim and tidy and … [Read more...]

Looking Ahead


As strange as it may seem this time of year the big labels and retailers preview their spring and summer collections. As a blogger with a reasonably sized audience I get plenty of invites. For the most part I turn them down, BespokeMe isn’t really about labels. However, I do love my clothes and while the whims and fancies of fashion are hardly my concern, nevertheless, I can’t afford to buy all my clothes bespoke. I am dependent on the … [Read more...]

More than Movember


When I had shaved off my Movember moustache on the 30th of last month, I touched my naked upper lip with a sense of relief; as much as I admired the ‘real man’ aesthetic of it, the unusual discomfort it caused my upper lip made me yearn for December. Interestingly, I had received a wittily penned comment from a reader that very afternoon which provoked me to ponder the execution of the shave; “A moustache should be for life. Not just … [Read more...]

A Rather Useful Yule


When someone asked me whether I was going to encourage the classic Yule purchase of small stocking fillers like mother of pearl shirt stiffeners or recommend instead something more serious and thoughtful, I realised how I had neglected the season; this is unusual, as I am anything but a humbug. I also realised how important it was to provide ideas which are not easy wins, as they are plentiful and receive recommendations far and wide, but rather … [Read more...]