The Age of Innocence


It’s fascinating how life alters your perceptions; how the endurance of aging can erode convictions of childhood, how dearly held truths lost their shine, embrittle and blow away in the uncaring winds of experience. I used to believe I would never do things that I do now; I used to believe in things I would now heartily denounce. Sweepingly, this is referred to as growing up; maturation; the loss of innocence. However, I believe innocence … [Read more...]

What a Pitti!


“Pitti Uomo” as the hackneyed phrase goes “is to menswear what Paris fashion week is to womenswear.” A bold statement, and not an untrue one; there is no doubt that the great (and the greatest) as well as the good of international menswear are all to be seen lurking around a chilly Florence, chatting on iPhones, sipping espresso and admiring the spectacle. Jeremy Hackett, Luca Rubinacci and a host of other Sartorialist favourites strut … [Read more...]

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• It's Pitti Uomo again, the unofficial men’s street fashion show. (; • Pitti Uomo report about the actual fair. ( • The Parisian Gentleman - Hugo Jacomet. ( • The style of Boardwalk Empire. ( • Gary Cooper style. ( • Brown in town. ( • The glove wardrobe. … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Classic Style at the Workplace with Business Casual Dress Code


I am graduating college in 6 months, have had a few unpaid internships, and all of a sudden find myself with the chance at an incredible job.  I have read a few of your articles on suits on a budget, I especially liked the one on maximum shirt and tie combo (, but I had a couple of questions. 1. How much does classic style differ from region to region?  I'm hoping to work in … [Read more...]

Sartorial Stereotypes: Hats


The Brown Trilby “I have eight-five with the gentleman at the back. Do I have eight-six?” the auctioneer declares to a fidgety and disinterested Sotheby’s floor that is largely comprised of non-bidders who have stopped in for a spot of observation. A collector and auction room regular, the Brown Trilby Man sits at the back of the room – bow tied, waistcoated – awaiting a superior offer, quietly confident that his only … [Read more...]