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• Six peacoat styles. ( • Adopting a personal uniform. ( • Button-down turnback cuff. ( • Skill of thrift shopping. ( • Wool socks are better. ( • Street Style Berlin: Grey Done Well. ( • Sixteen stylish maxims for the new year. ( … [Read more...]

Look to the East


One of the best acknowledged and least challenged fashion truths of recent times is that women are the chief focus and men the afterthought. The colossal developed market for womenswear has dwarfed the relatively irrelevant space for menswear to the extent that a few designers and some retailers have considered dropping male lines altogether. In Europe and North America, despite rough equality in numbers, men and women have been leagues apart … [Read more...]

From the Beginning, From a Beginner


This is a guest post by Trent Beven It’s a new year with new resolutions (or a revision of last year’s) and there are probably a few people out there who have sworn to never go to the supermarket in track pants again and hopefully a few who’s aims are even higher. There are a lot of good articles on this and other websites about how to build a good wardrobe so I’m not going to touch on that. Here are some practical tips for those … [Read more...]