The Silent Victory


There was a silent victory at this year’s Oscars, and I’m not talking about the success of Michel Hazanavicius’ splendid ode to old Hollywood. Scrolling through pictures of the gentlemen’s arrivals on the red carpet has been, at times, a trial; an exasperating examination of the mess that occurs when money, big-hitting fame and marketing collide. Ludicrous designer name-dropping, star names that look as comfortable in their evening … [Read more...]

Links: Leathergoods, Designing 007, Dandy’s Apartment


• Leathergoods that don't wear out. ( • Designing 007: 50 years of Bond style. ( • In a dandy’s apartment. ( • Blue spring, blue summer. ( • Unsung icons of style. ( • Naples and its tailors. ( • You know you are in London when... ( • The good, the bad, … [Read more...]



Some of my acquaintances have asked me how I get into some of the conversations that I reference in my articles. The truth is, I am fortunate to have a wide array of friends and acquaintances, with whom the discussions vary greatly. With some, I talk a great deal of current affairs; with others, I might venture more into the art world and there are a few friends with whom I talk, sometimes rather seriously and almost exclusively, of sartorial … [Read more...]

Cream and Off-White Shirts


Last weekend I decided to pay a visit to my friend Erlend at Stephan Shirts. He’s kindly been advising me on my button down shirt project. But there was another reason for popping into 95 Moore Park Road, Fulham. That reason is pictured above, the cream/off-white shirt in the foreground. Having rationalised and simplified my shirt collection over recent months in favour of white, blue, Bengal stripes and the odd pink I’ve managed to … [Read more...]