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• Mickey Rourke's bespoke slippers. ( • On vintage. ( • Finally, a real t-shirt. ( • Chaps to stage radical protest on Savile Row.  ( • A visit to Wolsey. ( • Marc Guyot Paris: new shop, new shoe. ( • Fixing a pull on a silk Tie. ( • Dressing for a weekend night out. … [Read more...]

Don’t Neglect Morning Suit Trousers


The morning suit, though a type of formal dress used on special occasions today, is very much an ensemble of the past. In its fullest splendour, when a gleaming top hat is the crowning accessory, it is a silhouette of the late-Victorian era, a visual symbol of the 19th century. The emblematic nature of its aesthetic both attracts and repels; traditionalists relish its deployment, modernists recoil from its antiquity. And though it has been … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: White Loafers

“What, like Don Johnson?” they asked barely concealing their mirth, as I indicated my intention of pursuing a pair of white loafers for the summer. “No” I responded, wearily “not like Don Johnson.” White loafers are an unusual sartorial prospect. Whenever I have mentioned them, people repeat the word ‘white’ in an emphatically inquisitive manner, as though I had misspoken, as if I had announced my intention to purchase … [Read more...]

A Bit of Thought


“I have spent most of my time worrying about things that have never happened”. Mark Twain Every man’s pain threshold is different. As is his tolerance of ridicule, or as the quote above aptly reminds us the fear of ridicule. That threshold may come as low on the scale as pink shirts, alternatively it might be bowties, spectators or a lime green cotton jacket. I suspect that you like me have at some point demurred from purchasing … [Read more...]

Travel Accessories: The Travel Shaving Kit


It is often the case that as a man gets older; his tolerance for the inconveniences of travel wears dangerously thin. I remember seeing a middle-aged gentleman at Heathrow Airport practically begging the somewhat aloof staff behind the check-in counter to give him an upgrade because of his loyalty status, even if it meant that his wife and children – who stood by looking detached and utterly miserable - would have to travel ‘in the … [Read more...]