Rare Moment: Preppy; Grey Blazer and Burgundy Penny Loafer


It was during a relaxed conversation with friends in a quiet and dimly lit bar that a gentleman in a blazer and striped tie interrupted us and asked us for use of a chair. My companions waved their hands silently with that careless regality of ownership, and watched as he dragged the chair over to his own table. After a few exchanges between them, I asked what they were talking about. “No, I was just saying” said one “that he is what you … [Read more...]

From the Archive: Style in the Movies

After doing a search for the next movie (criteria: high on style, bonus points for substance) to help me pleasantly kill hour and a half or more of my life I realized that there are many finely written suggestions to be found here in the archives of MensFlair.com. If I have managed to forget about some of these posts, I'm sure many of readers have too. So here's what I have dug up: First, in the summer of 2007 Fok-Yan Leung has written … [Read more...]

Links: Naples Shopping, Stetson Hats, A Suit Fit…


• Shopping Naples: Magnifique. (blog.styleforum.net) • The hats of yore. (getkempt.com) • A visual lesson in how a suit should fit a young man. (thesartorialist.com) • Greg Chapman for Globe-Trotter.  (acontinuouslean.com) • A very special capsule collection. (suitorial.blogspot.com) • Shoes from around the world. (the-shoe-snob.blogspot.com) • Spring style roundup. (ivy-style.com) • Maus & Hoffman store … [Read more...]