Linkroll: Madras, Chic, Charvet…

• Madras will be known as 'Bill Murray fabric' from now on. ( • Great definition of 'chic' from 1910 article. ( • In praise of Charvet. ( • The Ray-Ban Wayfarer.  ( • The cream waistcoat. ( • Combining small patterns. ( • Warm days, light greys. ( • Alan Flusser. … [Read more...]

Short on Price, Long on Value

I think most will agree that I have a bit of a thing for bargains, although there is considerable dispute about what a bargain actually is. For instance, there are those who consider a pair of bespoke shoes from Cleverley to be stupendously expensive, and those who consider them ‘excellent value.’ Worth is generally subjective, and there are many items of clothing that – at both ends of the price spectrum – can represent either a … [Read more...]

Zuckerberg and the ‘Disrespectful’ Hoodie

Facebook’s upcoming IPO looks set to be the listing event of the year. In the tech world, it is easily the most anticipated public offering since Google back in 2004, when Facebook was but a tiny, Harvard-only online network. Analysts are divided over the $96bn valuation, with some suggesting this is an extravagant price in any market, let alone that of 2012, while others have stated that people said the same of Google - which is now almost ten … [Read more...]

Brand Review: Rimowa

“Look at that” I exclaimed “what beautiful luggage!” I was walking with a friend past Claridge’s hotel, where a few smart black cars had just regurgitated, with the help of liveried doormen, a mountain of bags, suitcases and suit carriers onto the pavement at the entrance. The luggage was a mixture of mid-blue, red, khaki and army green with brown and tan leather straps, covered in peeling stickers and travel labels, and there it was; … [Read more...]

White Tie Evening

“I’ve just got an invitation through the mail…” It’s not often that one gets the chance to wear white tie these days. Even in the days of Irving Berlin’s Top Hat, the fourth decade of the twentieth century, its rare use was cause for particular celebration. A recent invitation to a themed birthday party seemed to cry out for tails and as I gathered my thoughts on the topic, I realised that in order to achieve the highest elegance … [Read more...]