Linkroll: Illustrations, Variations, Advertisements…

• Ever wondered how street-style blogging inspired comic would look like. ( • A uniform dresser. ( • Chipp advertisements '79-'81. ( • Mad Men style: episode 7. ( • GQ Espana May 2012 editorial: Miami Vice. ( • For the bookshelf: The Gentry Man. ( • Your shoes should cost a half of your suit.  … [Read more...]

Aquascutum: The Missed Opportunity

Aquascutum’s entry into administration has been treated with a surprising degree of alarm. Fashion reporters have called the decline of the brand a “travesty”; unions have slammed the red-button pusher Harold Tillman as ‘Aqua scum.’ However this is not the end of a brand recently thrown into financial turmoil. The reality is that Aquascutum has struggled to make a dime for years and has been declining for over a decade. The death has … [Read more...]

Tailoring a Budget: Adjustments or Bespoke?

...I have 8 suits that I have purchased over the course of 6 or 7 years. They still ‘fit’ me and are from decent quality manufacturers but, since I have become interested in style and have read a lot of blogs about suits and how they should be worn, I think they need adjusting (narrowing shoulders, taken in at the waist, length on the trousers). I never have much spare cash and have had to save over the past two years in order to fund these … [Read more...]