Reader Question: Aesthetic Period Purity


“I see in your morning dress you wear fixed turn-down spread collar shirts (albeit with contrast collars). I don’t understand why you insist on wearing an antique silk hat and yet don’t wear detachable wing collars? This is how morning dress is meant to be worn. I’m just saying, if you’re going to be faithful to the original fashion, why not do it properly?” I received the above comment on my blog recently, on a post about morning … [Read more...]

Linkroll: Tumblr Digest, Bond Style, Leather Quality


• Weekly subjective and totally unfair photo digest. ( • Fifty years of bond style. ( • How to examine quality in leather goods. ( • Made by hand:  Federico Polidori. ( • Keeping your feet dry. ( • Cabot Lodge, Jr. and poplin. ( • Mariano’s sweater and the Rubinacci agenda.  … [Read more...]

Jubilee Style Icon: Prince Charles


When it comes to popularity, Queen Elizabeth II – who has now been on the throne for more than 60 years – takes some beating. As much as small factions of republicans would like to persuade us that the monarchy is outdated and unwanted, the vast majority (well over 80%) of Her Majesty’s nation approve of her reign. No billion-dollar presidencies seem to be wanted here; no anonymous, small-living head of state. This is not a land people want … [Read more...]

Brand Review: Pattern of Society


High quality neckwear is not difficult to come by in London. There are certainly masses of lower standard ties – which are still not half as bad as many make out – but there are an equally large number of very fine neckties available from a variety of high-end stores that cater for the high-spending gentleman about town. However, while quality is not an issue, variety and tastefulness of design certainly is. I can’t remember the number … [Read more...]

List of Shirtmakers Selling Fine Dress Shirts


Almost every clothing brand sells dress shirts but they’re not on the list below probably because they’re not well-known as shirtmakers, don’t offer great range of choices, don’t make high quality shirts, are local artisanal makers, or I simply forgot or haven’t heard about them. I’m sure in Italy alone there are dozens more great shirtmaker brands that just haven’t bothered with PR too much or are artisanal makers that don’t … [Read more...]