Linkroll: MTM Shirts, Jacket Buttons, Pierre Degand…


• Made-to-measure shirt reviews. ( • Placing buttons on a jacket. ( • The wonderful world of Pierre Degand. ( • Style icon: Ian Fleming. ( • An alternative to deck shoes. ( • 1930s style biswing jacket. ( • A spring & summer wardrobe: chambray. … [Read more...]

Introducing Wardson & Co.


By now my readers should know my obsession with socks - make that good socks - and I've recently come across another provider of quality hosiery. Wardson and Co is an e-commerce shop with roots in Spain offering a small range of socks, wraps, and foulards AKA scarves. Edson Eguer is the proprietor of W & Co and is proud of the fact that he has been able to establish partnerships with Spanish manufactures with 150 years of experience to … [Read more...]

White Trousers Pairing: White Shoes vs. Spectators


I’ll admit it: White trousers and white shoes versus White trousers and spectators is perhaps one of the more recherché debates we have begun. For a start, hardly anyone wears white trousers so the audience is, at the top end, very narrow. Secondly, even fewer own (or plan to own) white or spectator shoes. Both of these facts are unavoidable, and regrettable; white trousers are a classic, summer wardrobe staple. Every man should own a pair, … [Read more...]