Linkroll: Hackett, Ovadia & Son, Sartorialist…


• Hackett Autumn/Winter collection 2012 lookbook ( • Ovadia & Sons Fall/Winter 2012 editorial. ( • The Sartorialist dinner, Florence. ( • Beady/stringy wrist thing. ( • Ghurka Cavalier II No. 97 for Park & Bond. ( • An afternoon with Sid Mashburn. ( • Capsule history of the American “sack” … [Read more...]

Letting It Go


After being informed that someone has placed a bid on an item of clothing that has been hanging in my wardrobe for the better part of three years I feel a pang of nostalgia, and a bizarre sense of regret. Do I really want to let it go? I haven’t really used it and no, I won’t use it much in future but what will the sale yield? The price of a London cocktail and two inches of space. Maybe I should cancel the sale and just keep it stored away. … [Read more...]

A Man and His Technology


Is a smart phone a menswear accessory? It’s an interesting question. It’s as necessary as any other item we allow a well dressed man: cufflinks, pen, wallet, watch, lighter, cigarette case. Take your pick. What links those other items is that they have a basic functionality at their heart. That needfulness has seen them increasingly embellished and redesigned to fit elegantly into a man’s wardrobe. Perhaps the question should be … [Read more...]

The Silver Lining to Summer’s End


The month of August is quickly fading away. The depressing march to the howling winter will soon begin, away from careless innocence and onwards to hard reality. However, this change in the seasons is not mourned by all. Most sartorialists I know abhor the summer as the discomfort that has to be endured in the heat not only stands in the way of their own aesthetic ideals, but also brings out what they consider to be the worst in their fellow man. … [Read more...]

Five Years Go in a Blink


I don’t particularly like birthdays. Any reminders of aging are to be avoided as far as I am concerned as age is simply a depressing reminder of mortality and the fading of youth. However, it struck me recently that there was one ‘birthday’ which I had thus far neglected, one anniversary I had not yet celebrated. My column, Ruffs, Cuffs and Farthingales was now five years old. My first article for Mensflair was published on the 10th … [Read more...]