Confidence and Dressing Well

When a man doesn’t know me very well but knows, perhaps a little too well, what I write about, he often seeks to bond with me by chorusing my views on the general decline of menswear. “Most people” they begin “haven’t got a clue how to dress anymore, have they? It’s all too-long trousers worn like jeans, isn’t it? Clip-on bow ties and rented morning dress...” Much to their surprise, I do not rejoice in this sorry state of … [Read more...]

The Dandy Farmer


Amazingly, I am not a born and bred city boy. I say amazingly, for there are very few things I love as much as the grand city of London. I was in fact reared in the pseudo-countryside of south west Dorset, a place of bucolic idyll interrupted by those great arteries of suburban county life: dual carriageways. Memories are a mixture of tree-tops and pylons, the scurrying of a deer with the just-discernable sound of distant traffic. That I should … [Read more...]

Linkroll: Umbrellas, Shoemaker, White Ties…


• Mario Talarico: umbrellas, Naples. ( • Interview with shoemaker Matthias Vickermann of Vickermann und Stoya. ( • Presidential candidates’ scary white ties. ( • Alain Delon’s style.  ( • James Bond’s shirt. ( • Best ‘how to tie a bow tie’ video ever. ( • Bond’s suiting wasn’t up to … [Read more...]

Going Monk


“I never see you wearing your monk strap shoes from Nunes Correa anymore...” read a rather sad recent comment on one of my blog posts. I felt a pang. It is true, I no longer wear my beautiful burgundy double-monks which I had purchased on a splendid holiday to Lisbon about four years ago. However, the reason for this is that I had finally acknowledged what I had really known all along, but attempted to ignore; they were simply too small … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: The Windcheater and Blazer


Of all the unholy alliances in the sartorial world, the windcheater and blazer is one of the oddest. It is a fashion that utilises the functionality of modern technology (the windcheater), allowing the classic aesthetic (the blazer) to be worn without the need for a scarf or an overcoat. As such, the intention of its invention is noble. However, the result of it divides opinion; I, for one, am not in favour. There is a sporty jauntiness to the … [Read more...]