Linkroll: Patrick Grant, Gifts, Uniform…


• Patrick Grant, the savant of Savile Row. ( • Ten Last Minute Mens Gift Ideas Under $50. ( • Clothing as uniform. ( • Sartoria Caliendo. ( • A lot is going on at Allen Edmonds. ( • Italian Artisans Night. ( • The Hill-Side’s new collection of Old Virginia Modified Herringbone accessories. … [Read more...]

Postcard from Brazil


When leaving São Paulo, I contemplated my extraordinary experience in South America's largest city, the 'second' city of Brazil and the 4th largest metropolitan area in the world. Though much feared by Westerners for the kind of wanton crime that only grinding, hunger-stricken, barefooted poverty can bring, 'Sampa' is known by Brazilians as the cultural city, the sophisticated brother to the sand and samba of Rio. Here are the museums, the … [Read more...]

Linkroll: The Sartorialist, Fair Isle, Frank & Oak…


• TheSartorialist is still worth a visit now and then. ( • Fair Isle is December sweater. ( • Review of Frank & Oak. ( • Sock matching tips. ( • Clothes are never just clothes. ( • Rollneck is the best necktie alternative. ( • Mastering the peak lapel. ( • The Norwegian crewneck … [Read more...]

Linkroll: A Quality Shoe, Ivy Style Photos, Formal Footwear…


• A case for quality: 21 year old Peal & Co. shoes. ( • Men’s File ivy photo shoots. ( • Black tie on a budget pt 3: Formal footwear. ( • Autumn American look on a budget. ( • The Dude in a Ferrari. Sweater, that is. ( • Two winter boot suggestions. ( • On publications and menswear reporting. … [Read more...]

Notes from a Huge Island


When I arrived in Australia last week, my first visit to this enormous country, I stumbled out into the sunshine like a desert nomad stumbling through the dunes. Wracked with intense tiredness, the mid-morning heat of a Sydney in late-spring was punishing to my winter-conditioned skin, now shocked into prodigious perspiration. Memories of visits to Greek Islands in high-summer came back to me; that blast of heat through the nostrils, the first … [Read more...]