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• Photos of Dr. Andre Churchwell in Central Park. ( • Alexander Boyd: London city tailor. ( • Pasotti: The handcrafted umbrella maker. ( • Amerano shirt review. ( • Review: Hucklebury shirts (and giveaway). ( • More commentary on Rugby Ralph Lauren. ( • Preppy 2012 holiday gift … [Read more...]

The Boardwalk Empire Suit


I recently wrote about the great utility of the mid-heavy weight brown suit, espousing its value for both town and country use. My musings on the subject provoked me to action, as they often do, and I decided to commission Cad & The Dandy to weave (or rather, sew) my dream of a Prohibition-era dandy suit into reality. I decided to go for their machine stitched made-to-measure service. As my last Cad & The Dandy suit was a hand-stitched … [Read more...]

How Much ‘Tweed’ Do I Need?


The problem I have with nice things is that having one of them is never enough. As soon as one has purchased something of fancy, and the feeling of a zero-sum victory has subsided, the search begins again. I have spent most of my young adult life believing my own nonsense; buying into self-promises, setting conservative targets. “Once I have that, then I have all my City suits...”; “...all I need is that pair of brown shoes, then my … [Read more...]

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There are a number of things I enjoy about my involvement with Mensflair. First amongst those is the fact it’s written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. I personally claim no special knowledge in matters sartorial just an interest in sharing thoughts, ideas and the things I learn, and an enjoyment of seeing what response that generates. I learn as much from the comments as I do writing the posts. Another thing I enjoy is the people I get to … [Read more...]

Getting Mo Style


Alright. The ‘Mo’ jokes are getting a little grandaddy, but you can’t say they’re not appropriate. For most people, there’s something not quite right about moustaches. They have a touch of the winking, punning uncle about them. Girls don’t like them, they have more than a hint of a much faded past and it has been rather a long time since they were fashionable. However, there is something fascinating about them and Movember is a … [Read more...]