Winter Suit Storage


Here in the American South the flowers are blooming, the leaves are popping and the temperatures are rising. I decided over the weekend that it was time to put my winter wardrobe into storage. I won't need those flannel suits or tweed jackets until the weather turns cold again next fall. By removing those items to a storage closet, I am sure to have plenty of uncluttered space in my main closet. Those clothes are also protected until they are … [Read more...]

A Stylish Movie: American Gigolo


American Gigolo (1980) stars Richard Gere as Julian Kay, an escort for wealthy women who is framed for the murder of one of his clients and the theft of her precious jewels. The movie was written and directed by Paul Schrader (of Taxi Driver fame) and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. American Gigolo is often listed among the top style movies of all time. The movie burst on the scene at the end of the bell-bottom disco era and stood as a preview … [Read more...]

The Duffle Bag


A number of stylish examples of male clothing and accessories can trace their humble origins to the military. One such item is the useful and ubiquitous duffle bag. The first recorded use of the term “duffle bag” is credited to the poet E. E. Cummings who used it in a letter he wrote in 1917 while working in France as an ambulance driver during WWI. The bags take their name from Duffel, a town in the Belgian province of Antwerp, where the … [Read more...]

A Stylish Movie: Bonnie and Clyde


Bonnie and Clyde (1967) stars Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker, a bored small-town girl, and Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow, a small-time ex-con. The movie romanticizes the couple's string of bank robberies that made newspaper headlines and caught the imagination of the Depression-era public. Faye Dunaway is lovely in pencil skirts, berets and silk scarves. Warren Beatty is equally stylish in double-breasted suits, vests, spectator shoes and hats. … [Read more...]

Teach Your Children Well

Last week my five-year-old son asked my wife why we did not dress him in “nice” clothes. Bear in mind that much of his wardrobe is a miniaturized version of my more casual attire. For school he wears blue jeans with sweaters or simple solid-colored polo shirts. Over that he may wear a navy pea coat, a waxed cotton jacket or a bright yellow rain slicker. At church he might be seen in navy blue pants, a white dress shirt, gray cardigan and red, … [Read more...]