Warby Parker: The 2011 Collection


I wrote back in December that Warby Parker, the online purveyor of vintage-inspired acetate eyeglasses, planned to launch a new collection for 2011. That new collection is now available on their website. The 2011 collection includes fourteen new frame styles and a variety of new colors. Warby Parker sent me a selection of the new frames to inspect ahead of the launch. As a group the collection appears to be bigger and bolder than their … [Read more...]

Novelty Ties


Recently, while wandering through a local department store , I noticed a table of post-holiday sale items. Novelty ties featuring Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus were piled indiscriminately on the table. It was a grim reminder that the excitement of the holidays had passed. It was also a reminder of how much I absolutely despise novelty ties. Novelty ties, typically made of polyester, feature a variety of garish images including commercial … [Read more...]

Braces And A Neckerchief


Oscar Wilde once noted that clothes should hang from the shoulder, not from the waist. To that end, I decided last week that I needed to find a quality set of braces to pair with the Corbin trousers that I wrote about in my last article. You may recall that I deleted the belt loops and had buttons added for braces. After doing a little research, I settled on braces from Albert Thurston. That British company has been making and selling braces … [Read more...]

Corbin Trousers


Some readers may recall my previous complaints about the low rise of today's commercially available trousers. They look terrible with a waistcoat. They make a man's legs look short. They are unflattering to any man who has a paunch around his middle. Last month I took my complaint to my local gentleman's shop. The suggestion was made that I order a pair of trousers from the Corbin Trouser Company (link: www.corbintrousers.com] in Pennsylvania. … [Read more...]

Style Library [Part 2]

Last week I shared a list of my favorite style books. Following is a list of style books in my library that were not worth the money. Esquire: The Big Black Book. These annuals are really more magazine than a book. I have the same problem with these annuals that I have with Esquire magazine; they are heavy on ads for trendy clothing and light on good advice. It's a shame that the current magazine isn't more like the Esquire of eighty years … [Read more...]