Dressing to Look Shorter

Looking shorter may seem like a ridiculous thought to shorter folks, but if you’re tall and thin, you’re probably looking for a way to decrease your gangliness. [Read more…]

Dressing to Look Bigger

If you feel too skinny, you may be trying protein shakes and plenty of reps at the gym, but why wait for those kind of results? With a few wardrobe tweaks and some creative styling, you too can look thicker and more muscular in as long as it takes to change your clothes—into the right thing, of course! [Read more…]

Dressing to Look Slimmer

It really doesn’t take much to look slimmer. Note that I didn’t say “slim” exactly, but it is possibly no matter what your size to look as though you have lost five, ten or even twenty pounds. Embracing slim style means less time at the gym, extra attention at your job, and an extra notice or two from potential partners. . . tempting, right? As a woman, I’m well-versed in dressing skinny, and lots of these tips can be used across the board. [Read more…]

Dressing to Look Taller

You may not have any control over your height, but you can use tricks to add an illusion of extra height whenever you want. Before you even get to the clothes, you’ll need to brush up on the basics. Sorry, but what’s the point of spending cash on clothes that you’re going to slouch all over? [Read more…]

Fall/Winter Fragrances Picks: Woodsy and Masculine Scents

If you love a good strong scent, try wearing a classic, masculine one from a reputable brand, but switch it up and remember that you shouldn’t be wearing it every day. Play a little and see what works best, and then get them going on a revolving basis! [Read more…]