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Aaron Mack Schloff writes about clothing and theater in New York City, and blogs at schloffshow.blogspot.com.

Banana Republic, Monogram and the Compromise of “Affordable Luxury”

Banana Republic has always filled me with a mix of hope, despair and dread. Hope because the cool, crisp, modern, and attractive people in their ads work as intended: they attract. Whether engaged in happy plans in sunlit meeting rooms or harmonizing with contemporary artworks in white box museums, they suggest a happy world of productive teamwork in creative professions and culturally sophisticated socializing. Despair because the clothing … [Read more...]

What are Stores for These Days?


A few weeks ago, I was patrolling some of New York’s best multibrand men’s stores reporting a story that has now appeared in the New York Sun. Actually, since the story was first assigned back in December, I was re-reporting – all of the winter clothes I had first seen have now, to the retailers’ relief, left the building. New York should have more good ones than it does. I count a dozen, of which I chose half (the sixth, cut from my … [Read more...]