Online Shirt Experiment and Review [Part Four]

Back in August and September I wrote about my experience ordering dress shirts online from Cottonwork, My Tailor and Modern Tailor. I am writing this follow-up article now that I've had a chance to launder and wear the shirts a few times over the past two months. Starting with Cottonwork, you may recall that I liked their website, was impressed with their customer service, and was satisfied with the fit of the shirt I ordered. However, I was … [Read more...]

Is Classic Style A Myth?

At the end of last week's review of G. Bruce Boyer's Eminently Suitable I suggested that the current relevance of a twenty-year-old style book is evidence that classic style is timeless. This statement unintentionally sparked an interesting debate between two readers. “Dave” argues that classic style is not timeless. He believes that “proportion and silhouette are subject to the trends of the era.” He suggests that what we consider … [Read more...]

A Classic Style Book: Eminently Suitable


For the modest sum of eight dollars, I recently snagged on Ebay a copy of G. Bruce Boyer's classic style book Eminently Suitable: The Elements of Style in Business Attire. Boyer is a recognized expert on men's style, having written on the subject since the early 1980s. He is formerly the fashion editor for GQ, Esquire, and Town & Country. Although published in 1990, Eminently Suitable still has relevance today. If you can find a copy, I would … [Read more...]

Waistcoat Weather


The thing I like best about colder weather is the opportunity to add layers of visual interest to my attire with sweaters, overcoats, scarves and the odd tailored waistcoat, an item that has reemerged in popularity in recent years.  In addition to adding visual interest, a waistcoat (or vest) adds some protection and warmth to an exposed shirtfront on cooler days.  Wearing a waistcoat also provides you the flexibility to remove your jacket in … [Read more...]

In Search Of Good Tailoring


Michael Anton (writing under the pseudonym Nicholas Antongiavanni) wrote in The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men's Style that “since tailored clothing can make a man look either rakish or ridiculous, as well as shorter or taller or fatter or thinner, it is necessary for him to choose models, fabrics, and patterns that flatter his shape while minimizing its defects.” While the man of average height and weight can wear most anything … [Read more...]