About Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams blogs at www.bespokeme.com and is based in London. For him style is a frame of mind not just a state of dress.

Last Minute Stocking Fillers


Christmas is only a few days away but you have just enough time to order some last minute gifts if pounding the pavements has so far proved fruitless. So here are a few of my last minute suggestions. Socks Seriously, I’m one of those odd fellers who really doesn’t mind socks as a gift, provided they’re the right socks of course. Indeed, over the last year I’ve become something of a sock obsessive. But, the first thing to understand … [Read more...]

Sources: Linkson Jack


There are a number of things I enjoy about my involvement with Mensflair. First amongst those is the fact it’s written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. I personally claim no special knowledge in matters sartorial just an interest in sharing thoughts, ideas and the things I learn, and an enjoyment of seeing what response that generates. I learn as much from the comments as I do writing the posts. Another thing I enjoy is the people I get to … [Read more...]

A Man and His Technology


Is a smart phone a menswear accessory? It’s an interesting question. It’s as necessary as any other item we allow a well dressed man: cufflinks, pen, wallet, watch, lighter, cigarette case. Take your pick. What links those other items is that they have a basic functionality at their heart. That needfulness has seen them increasingly embellished and redesigned to fit elegantly into a man’s wardrobe. Perhaps the question should be … [Read more...]

In Defence of Black Jackets and Suits


Flick through the bulk of the literature on men’s dress and you’ll find little or nothing said in favour of black jacketing and suit – even with regard to evening wear you have the midnight blue brigade to contend with. In the world of female clothing black is a necessity. You’d think similar rules would apply to men, but they don’t. The most common complaints against black include: -the colour is just too overwhelming, too stark … [Read more...]

A Bit of Thought


“I have spent most of my time worrying about things that have never happened”. Mark Twain Every man’s pain threshold is different. As is his tolerance of ridicule, or as the quote above aptly reminds us the fear of ridicule. That threshold may come as low on the scale as pink shirts, alternatively it might be bowties, spectators or a lime green cotton jacket. I suspect that you like me have at some point demurred from purchasing … [Read more...]