Menswear Moving to the Front – Part 1


Things are going full steam ahead on the menswear front, particularly when it comes to New York City, the capital of fashion retail. High end labels are making serious investments and seem quite bullish on the future of men's fashion. Locals style icons like Ralph Lauren are putting money on the table with major brick-and-mortar expansions - in his case, turning the landmark Rhinelander Mansion into a men's only store and building a new … [Read more...]

The Elusive In-Between

Some while back, my fellow columnist Simon Crompton and I traded thoughts on the in-between look; that particular style which falls somewhere in the midst of formal and casual. He commented that Americans probably do this a little better than the English. I retorted that I know more than my share of fellow Americans who can handily prove him wrong – or something to that effect. He probably has a point though; where the English still tilt in … [Read more...]

The Woven Leather Belt

Belts are a fact of life and most of us have a closet full of failed attempts at finding just the right combination of style and utility. For even the most sartorially proficient, finding just the right fit can sometimes mean forgoing the style we really wanted – a practical example of form following function. Even when those two goals are met, many men are, frankly, clueless when it comes to actually pairing a belt with the rest of their … [Read more...]

The Curse of Smart Casual

A few weeks ago, a reader posed what turned out to be a somewhat complicated question; “what do I wear,” he asked, “to a wedding where the dress code is “smart casual”? In most cases, a wedding is one of those events that are fairly easy to dress for. In the summer, a well tailored poplin or linen suit should fit the bill. Depending on regional preferences, perhaps seersucker or, as was the case for my wedding, white ducks and a blue … [Read more...]

One Thing: The Polo Shirt


Polo shirts are the cornerstone of any classic warm weather wardrobe and have been so for generations. Though when they hear “polo” shirt most people think Polo™ shirt, the first truly branded version was developed in 1929 for tennis legend Rene’ “The Alligator” Lacoste. Lacoste wanted a comfortable shirt to replace the traditional, but totally impractical dress shirt and tie worn by tennis players at the time. In doing so, he … [Read more...]