To Cuff Your Pants or Not?


The other day, I had an interesting question posed to me by one of my readers. He had recently purchased a pair of pleated trousers at Brooks Brothers and it was recommended that he have them hemmed with cuffs. His wife, who is German, objected to this approach and cited her and her European friends’ opinion that stylish men do not cuff their pants. In a quandary, he called up the store and talked to another associate who said that pleated … [Read more...]

My Father’s Shoes

As a young child, I remember sitting in my parent’s room, watching my dad get ready for the day. As a physician, and one who felt that dressing well shows respect for others, he almost never went to the office in anything but a coat and tie – often a suit, sometimes a sport coat and gray flannels. I would sit and watch as he picked out his clothes, running his hand along the ever growing collection of repp, paisley and woven ties until … [Read more...]

Visiting in Horse Country

My wife and I recently took a little vacation to the heart of Virginia horse country. Middleburg, ground zero for the moneyed portion of Virginia’s horsey set, is exactly what you expect an exclusive equestrian hamlet to be. With beautiful rolling green hills, dotted with heart-stopping estates and crisscrossed with white fencing, it easily evokes visions of Ralph Lauren ads. We stayed at a wonderful country estate named the Goodstone Inn. I … [Read more...]

Summer Footwear

When things start to heat up outside, one’s wardrobe pares down as well. Tweed and flannel gives way to linen and cotton; sweaters go back in the drawer and polo shirts make their seasonal debut. The same holds true for footwear. Down south where your feet hit the pavement, changes are afoot. It’s a given of course, that in the great scheme of things men do not have the incredible variation in style, functionality, materials and colors … [Read more...]

Environmentally Conscious Timekeeping


I am a watch guy; not dedicated to one particular style or maker, my tastes run the gamut. Vintage, brand new, elegant complications or chunky dive watches; I like them all. I have become a bit of an evangelist about one thing though – I think people should wear mechanical watches or watches that don’t need traditional batteries, if any. With all the talk about going green, we should each take along hard look at ourselves; at our wrists, … [Read more...]