5 Questions to Valentino Ricci

I’m sure many of you recognize this gentleman from the Sartorialist. Valentino Ricci, an attorney by profession is also the owner of sartoria Sciamat but most of all he is a gentleman with an impeccable style and when I saw his pictures I just had to get in touch with him. So I did and asked if he would like to answer some questions for me. As you can see below, Mr Ricci was very kind and accepted my inquiry. How old were you when you first … [Read more...]

Lino Ieluzzi – Al Bazar


"Style is not fashion, it's something we have inside" Lino Ieluzzi, owner of clothing store Al Bazar in Milan is a well dressed gentleman with a unique style. He is colourful, elegant and oozes charisma - something the actors in Hollywood can learn from. It looks like he loves life just as much as he loves clothes. Mr Ieluzzi is simply a star. Video of Lino in his … [Read more...]