Lone Nuts, Suits, and Assassinations: Should Seeing Be Believing?

This is guest post by Dean Balsamo. Media masters, public servants, teachers and other official shapers of public attitudes tell us it’s taboo. Officially it doesn’t exist. Never applied. No matter. It acts like the persistence of memory with a serial life force. Biological? Genetic? A survival strategy we can’t shake? Profiling is big again. Out of its cage, box, the Deep-wherever we store it when not in use. Everyone does it. Men … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on Late Icons of Despot Style


Despots come and despots go but how they apply the adage “dress for success” may not only support, but if not applied correctly, also undermine their reign in ways they may not imagine given the limited feedback loop that typically surrounds men wielding their brand of power. For instance while Kim Jong, limiting his sprezzatura to variations on military kit and designer shades, presented a predictable and dependable no-nonsense air … [Read more...]

Le Cercle Rouge, a Visual Reminder of the Essence of Men’s Style


French Director Jean Pierre Melville’s 1970 film Le Cercle Rouge, is among the most highly regarded, little seen stealth influences on some of the most well known directors of the last 30 years. The starkly costumed looks of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction read like homage to what must be considered the crown jewel of Melville’s multi-picture exploration of American style gangster flicks, with Le Cercle Rouge being likened by some to the idea … [Read more...]

Micro Labels and Brand Longevity


In the words of the late Steve Jobs, “Real artists ship.” To this we might add, “Over and over and over again.” I found his quote coming back to me as I prepared this piece on “micro brands.” What began as a survey and review of various micro brands whose creations I’d acquired over the last few years ended up being a meditation on the challenges to a micro-brand’s business sustainability as I noticed how some of the brands … [Read more...]