Tom Ford Influence

Every five to ten years, a designer comes along who completely changes the aesthetic and direction of men’s fashion. Be it Hedi Slimane at Dior single-handedly reviving 60’s rocker-chic and a wave of slim via the trickle-down effect or the creation of the modern suit by Giorgio Armani, they are integral in the forward movement of fashion. The current most revolutionary designer in menswear is without question, Tom Ford. During his tenure … [Read more...]

If You Own One Suit

Maybe you are about to graduate college and you need the one suit that will get you through all your job interviews or perhaps you just want to clear out your closet full of boxy, outdated suits, the solution for either case is a modern, versatile suit that will fulfill all your needs. The current trend in suits has been towards a mélange of 90’s era minimalism and the modern-day obsession with slim.  This present infusion has reached the … [Read more...]

Style of, by and for the People

The fact that technology has revolutionized traditional media is nothing new, but the way in which it has transformed the fashion world has been comparatively under-acknowledged. No more than ten years ago, the only outlet men had to learn about fashion and trends was either their monthly GQ or Esquire. Online media has progressively challenged the monolithic print publications, which have themselves moved increasingly into online space. Now … [Read more...]

Spring Trends

When you move to New York, your wardrobe slowly but surely morphs into gradations of black and gray. Something about the city and its business orientation dictates that everyone looks like they’ve just come back from a funeral. This spring, however, is all about bright colors. At Mercedez-Benz fashion week in New York, designers showed their Fall 2008 collections and the message was unmistakable: color and lightness is back in style. As it … [Read more...]

Fall/Winter 2008 Milan and Paris Highlights


As the curtain for the men’s shows in Paris and Milan has fallen once again, there is left in its wake hundreds of outfits that compared against the backdrop of current fashion, will play a large role in the determination of new trends.  This year’s collections were in some cases an about-face on current trends and an elaboration in other instances.  Though only time can tell which fashions will make the transition from runway to everyday, … [Read more...]