Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2008: Trend Barometer


While some fashion shows are often more a display of pure fantasy and artistic creativity than realistic wear, Dolce and Gabbana’s collections are often as much an indicator of current fashion trends as they are an influence on future ones. This collection displayed a marked departure from last year’s, where the emphasis was on slim fitting, structured pieces set in futuristic metallics that created a polished, avant-garde look. If Fall … [Read more...]

One of My Favorite Brands: Theory


Though I normally tend to shy away from brand evangelism—I am too often let down or turned off by some aspect of the marketing; one brand that has never disappointed me and that has remained consistently excellent throughout the years is Theory. What Theory does best is stylish, modern clothing that incorporates subtle trends with a classic American style that makes nearly ever item in the collection infinitely wearable. In this sense, they … [Read more...]

How To Dress While Abroad


When traveling abroad, you are a representative of your country. Like it or not, you are judged based on your appearance and interactions, and your perception will either fuel or help dispel cultural stereotypes. “Doing as the Romans do” is extremely important, not only because it is the right thing, but it also has many practical consequences. When you blend in with the local populace, you both reduce your chances of being pick-pocketed … [Read more...]

A Blazer for Every Occasion

The blazer is one of those iconic staple items that virtually every man, regardless of age or profession, has at least one of in their closet. Whether it is the standard, blue, prep school blazer or something more intricate, a blazer is a must-have object that is as versatile as it is diverse. There is no substitute for a blazer in situations that demand a dressier or even more chic attire. European, slim cuts are much preferable to boxy, … [Read more...]

“Black is the New Black”

Black has always been the most iconic color in terms of classic sophistication and so it’s of little surprise that the hue of choice for brooding intellectuals is once again back in fashion. Living in New York means that at least half of my wardrobe is either black or gray. It is a given that in the case that in most cities and professional settings, the de rigueur color is black. Beyond this though, black is also the vehicle for many fashion … [Read more...]