‘Structured Casual’ Look

One of my favorite looks, regardless of changing fashions and trends is what I would define as “structured casual.” In contrast to the bohemian intellectual look, this style is more sophisticated and urbane as well as likely easier to coordinate with the items you already have in your wardrobe. It’s the ideal outfit for either a museum excursion, dinner date at a trendy restaurant, or even a fashionable casual Friday at the office. The … [Read more...]

3 Versatile Man Bags

It is with much pride and happiness that I feel I am finally able to announce that the debate on man bags (also known affectionately as a "murse") has concluded and their acceptability is no longer of contention.  It is almost impossible to walk down the street in New York without seeing at least one man carrying some sort of version of the man bag, now a necessity for all of modern living’s impedimenta. With the legitimacy of the man bag … [Read more...]

Dangerous Trends


As everyone knows, not all trends are for everyone, and some trends prove to be for no one. When a trend is too innovative or ‘out-there,’ it’s usually an indication of a short life span. Witness such expired trends as destroyed jeans, 80’s neon colored fabrics, underwear as outerwear, and the list continues almost infinitely. Other trends, however, are somewhere in the middle between completely wearable and outrageous. I call them … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Down Jacket

When a wool or even cashmere topcoat won’t suffice against the biting cold, it may be time to pull out the strongest weapon in your arsenal—the down puffer jacket. While a puffer jacket can neither match the refinement nor the tailored look of an overcoat, it provides the best protection against almost all of nature’s most cruel manifestations. To some, the puffer jacket is an abominable and ridiculous article of clothing that should … [Read more...]

Raw Denim Jeans


One of the biggest trends in jeans at the moment is raw denim, referring to jeans that have not ever been treated or washed with chemicals. While at first they are stiff and almost feel like a corset for your legs, they will over time both expand and conform to your body, becoming unique to your shape. One of the most important things when buying a pair is that they fit like a glove (a very tight one) from the onset. When you try them on, they … [Read more...]