The Newest Trend is… ‘Timeless Classic’

If you are not a fan of the rampant lumberjack-bohemian look that has taken fashion by storm this season, you are neither alone nor out of luck. There has been a subversive trend steadily brewing that is as refined and sophisticated as the lumberjack look is common and dated. The return in popularity of classic fabrics such as houndstooth, herringbone, and tweed has brought with it a resurgence of other timeless pieces, which together create … [Read more...]

Leather Ankle Boots: Trendy, Stylish and Practical

One trend that has been on the steady rise this fall is the resurgence of stylish, leather ankle boots that can be worn either dressed up or casually. The leather boot is a great item because it gives men another option between the sometimes-limited choice of either loafers or regular lace-ups. They thus add an extra flair to an outfit that says the wearer tasks risks and is confident in his style decisions. For a dressed up look, they can … [Read more...]

Wearable Trend to Embrace Right Now

This picture, taken from the Mulberry website, showcases the look of this season. The leather bomber jacket, the plaid shirt, braided belt, and slim dark-wash jeans are all integral pieces for anyone looking to follow the latest trends. Even with the plaid shirt, however, I would not classify this look as “bohemian intellectual.” Rather, the slim-fitting bomber jacket and jeans provide a structure to this look that is more the Ramones than … [Read more...]

3 Dress Shirts You Should Own

For the past one hundred years, the dress shirt has been an easy identifier of the working man. With the proliferation of young Silicone Valley millionaires who prefer jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts, things have become good deal more blurred. Most likely however, you are still wearing a dress shirt to the office daily and see no end in sight. A dress shirt is one of the best ways through which to show your personality. Besides the basics, there … [Read more...]

Smart Sweaters for the Season


Autumn is basically synonymous with sweaters. As the temperature continues to fall, they are always the logical and most comfortable choice of cool weather wear. Worn alone or with a shirt, they have moved far along from their dark age of ill fitting, ugly designs. One of the biggest trends this season for sweaters is a turn away from v-neck sweaters to the timeless appeal of a crewneck sweater. A crewneck sweater provides a more refined look … [Read more...]