Men’s Jewelry… Approach with Care

Men’s jewelry is a contentious topic for many. Some people feel very strongly that men’s bodies should remain strictly unadorned except of course for a watch, while others favor the increased self-expression that these items bring. Whatever the case, when investing in men’s jewelry, it’s best to leave the flashy items for FlavaFlav and aim for accessories with some dignity. Bracelets A bracelet should not be sexually ambiguous. It … [Read more...]

Inclement Weather Style

Often times during inclement weather, it seems that people lose both their sense of style and reason. One need only witness the sad endemic of Ugg boots during the winter for confirmation of this. What I am talking about specifically, however, is the way we dress in the rain. As it was the rain pouring abundantly down upon New York the other day, I was forced to remark how many people were so improperly, even foolishly dressed for the … [Read more...]

Turn Lumberjack Style into Bohemian Intellectual Look


It’s no secret that fashion run in cycles and things that were once fashionable will almost always come back in style. It is nonetheless a little sad and disheartening that truly atrocious styles can’t be weeded out for good. When the seventies were over, I believe it was the general consensus that the Village People-lumberjack look was over. Not so, apparently. Though not an exact copy of the late 70’s look, the lumberjack style has … [Read more...]

Dressing in Style Is Not About Spending and Brands

Some of my favorite articles of clothing that I own are also my least expensive ones. During a recent trip to London, I stopped in at Topman, a trendy, inexpensive store in the same vein as H&M and Zara, and bought a pair of dark, slim fit jeans that I wear more often than any other pair of jeans that I own. I believe that mixing and matching pieces from different price ranges is not only economical, but also eminently intelligent. Though … [Read more...]