10 Essentials for the 40 Year Old

I have just about eight years to go before hitting the forty year old mark, so I am not sure what to expect, but here is what I hope to have going into that year, in my virtual suitcase. [Read more…]

10 Essentials for the 30 Something

As you reach your thirties (where I am now) you realize that unless you are in academics or in a creative field, you can’t wear jeans and sneakers everyday, and putting on a suit becomes a daily thing rather than something you do for interviews and weddings. You don’t even try to stick it to the man anymore, because you are fast becoming him (or at least his peon.) But at least you can be the most stylish corporate drone out their. Yup, you may be waiting for the train to arrive to take you to the 8:30 meeting where you are going to get chewed out by the senior partners, but boy, you can look good doing so. [Read more…]

10 Essentials for the 20 Something

Top ten lists are always fun to read. And around this time of year, everyone starts to print 10 essential lists, usually incorporating a few things from the new Fall-Winter collections along with old chestnuts. Here is a list written with no reference to any new collections. [Read more…]

One of My Favorite Designers: Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela was one of the original Antwerp Six, the group of Belgian designers who took the fashion world by storm in the 1980s, though his association with the group was shortlived. Twenty odd years later, some have become fashion icons, while others have remained relatively obscure (raise your hand if you recognize Walter van Beirendonck’s “Wild and Lethal Trash” line.) [Read more…]

The Worst of Summer, Style Wise

I hate summer. Well, I like running and biking and playing sports, but I strongly believe that sweating should be reserved for the gym, the track, and the soccer pitch. Yesterday, with the temperature in the high eighties and the humidity reaching 93% (and in my opinion, anything over 50% humidity is unconscionable), I was sweating just going a block to get lunch. And getting home, it was even worse. I grew up in Canada, so spare me the “You’d miss it if it were gone” speech. No, give me cool, crisp air that nips at your nose and a hot drink in hand any day. Yesterday, I was threatening to move our family to Norway, where the weather is reasonable year round. [Read more…]