Wisdom of Shopping Clothes on the Internet

I read somewhere that clothing is apparently second only to electronics for internet purchases. Not so long ago, Bluefly was the only designer discounter in town, and even more recently, North Americans could only salivate over all the goodies on YOOX.COM. This was back in the early 00’s, and www.activeendeavors.com, now firmly entrenched with its stable of hipster boutique brands like BBlessing and Surface to Air alongside www.revolveclothing.com‘s more mainstream offerings, was just a fledging site offering some Paper Denim & Cloth jeans along with hiking boots and other outdoor gear. [Read more…]

Getting the Best Out of Your Shopping Experience

One of my favorite methods of procrastination is to read reviews of men’s clothing stores on sites like Yelp. I especially like to read the reviews of stores that I am familiar with, and those I am about to visit. By and large, the reviews confirm my opinions of the stores and the service, though there are some surprises. [Read more…]

Online Shopping, a Better Inspiration for Style?

For the past 10+ years, I have lived in Los Angeles and Boston, with easy access to world class shopping. In Los Angeles, I shopped at Maxfield, Traffic, and Ron Herman, all world famous boutiques known for bringing new talent to market. In Boston, I shopped at the world famous Louis Boston, which has, in my opinion, the best cuts from Kiton in North America, and at Alan Bilzerian, who has a better eye than anyone else in Boston, and whose collections, with a strong focus on Japanese and Belgian designers, are a full lap in front of the competition. [Read more…]

Buzz Brand: Wings & Horns

In the fall of 2006, on Styleforum.net and Superfuture.com, two sites dedicated for the most part to men’s fashion, “Where can I get a W+H tiger fleece slim black hoodie?” was a commonly posted question. The previous winter season, the durable, fitted hooded fleece sweatshirts made by the brand then named “Spruce” (the name was changed to W+H because of copyright problems) had become quite popular on the fora, where mania for a specific article of clothing can be contagious. [Read more…]

Needful Things in My Duffel Bag for Summer Travel

I am moving later this summer, and while I am sending most of my things ahead of me, I will stay behind in my empty apartment with just enough clothing to last be half a week or so while I clear up my affairs.

Everything will fit into my Filson Duffel bag. This is the gold standard for duffel bags. [Read more…]