Sports Jacket with Jeans… Is It Doable?

The latest issue of Details magazine has, in one spread, a guy wearing what appears to be a muted grey, brown, and light blue Prince of Wales sports jacket, a blue and white striped shirt with a contrasting white collar, a dark blue dotted tie, and a blue and white pocket square. [Read more…]

Activist Clothing is No Longer Just for Hippies with Ugly Ponytails

Apolis Activism, which is a small line, primarily graphic tees and knits, and available at boutiques like Los Angeles’ Scott Hill, Villains Vault in San Francisco and DressCodes in Decatur, is just the latest in the growing roster of what I call “Activist” brands, that make social activism (whether the cause is building sustainable economies in Third World countries or environmental conservation) part of its selling point. It’s not a new concept, but it seems that recently, it has really hit the big time. [Read more…]

Trend: American Workwear


I became a fan of the “Americana workwear” clothing when I first walked into Drinkwaters in Cambridge sometime in the winter of 2003. At the time I didn’t know Gary Drinkwater by name (though I had already met him while he was working at Stonestreets,) but I gotten a mailer. I was particularly interested in a brand called ‘Engineered Garments” that I’d never heard about but had been mentioned on a blurb on the store in a free local magazine. [Read more…]