A Case for Seersucker


I know that some of you are just starting to reach a tentative armistice with snow and ice, but in the Deep South, spring has done sprung. The dogwoods are in bloom. Everything is in bloom, really; every car from Dallas to Charleston has enough pollen stuck to it to keep the Claritin folks in business for the year. Temperatures are bottoming out in the 70s, and on Easter Sunday, color came back to men's wardrobes. After months of cold, dark, … [Read more...]

From the Beginning, From a Beginner


This is a guest post by Trent Beven It’s a new year with new resolutions (or a revision of last year’s) and there are probably a few people out there who have sworn to never go to the supermarket in track pants again and hopefully a few who’s aims are even higher. There are a lot of good articles on this and other websites about how to build a good wardrobe so I’m not going to touch on that. Here are some practical tips for those … [Read more...]

Bowties & Bogans


This is a guest post by Trent Beven The other evening my girlfriend and I were walking down the main street of our town to an art opening at my favourite gallery; I was a bit excited about this but more excited because I was wearing my new bow tie from Le Noeud Papillion. While we were stopped at traffic lights I noticed a car waiting there also. What drove my attention to the car was that the girl inside looked right at me, laughed, … [Read more...]

Dressing Like James Bond


This article is guest post by Matt Spaiser of The Suits of James Bond. Every man admires James Bond's clothing, but have you wondered what makes the secret agent's clothes so special? It's mostly about the suits, and a well-fitted suit makes all the difference. But what about the style? Bond's suits have always been on the more traditional side, often with 3-piece suits for the office, though Bond always found some way to bring elements of … [Read more...]

From the Dowdy to the Dandy

For years men have been strolling around in their worn jeans, printed shirts and velcro trainers, relieved that nothing will rival good, comfy clothes, until now. The return of a true daring men’s style that is flamboyant and sophisticated at the same time. Yes, the dandy is back. To achieve this particular look, the most important thing you will need is confidence and a bit of creativity. A real dandy will be able to walk into a room and … [Read more...]