Rubbermaid to Lunch Everyday Men’s Grooming Tools

For all of the men out there who want to buy a good pair of tweezers but still feel a bit silly about it when they’re in the shops, they’re just about to get manlier. Before you scoff, think about it: some of you (my significant other included) don’t particularly want to traipse down the personal grooming aisle in just any drugstore. Besides the fact that they’re still very female-centered, they can be crowded, confusing, and basically a pain to navigate.

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Hairstyles on the New York Runway: Spring 2008 Offers Plenty of Choice

You may just have a grasp on fall hairstyles, but why not look forward to spring? Popular styles have been all over the runways in New York, and when you’re cultivating your winter ‘do, you’ll know exactly how to make the crucial season-to-season transition. Or, is there such a thing as fall and spring hairstyles at all? Good hairstyle is a good hairstyle, right? Go ahead, take a look, and get ahead of the crowd. No reason to not fashion new styles already. (New York Spring 2008 runway pictures) [Read more…]

Aveda’s Pure-formance Performance

Men’s Pure-formance products? Fine, I’m not wild about the name, but if you cut through all that slick marketing factor, you’re looking at a very interesting product. I’m always on the search for cool new products for men, and I have several willing guinea pigs to give each product a try along with me.

And with Aveda’s newest additions, we’ve gotten a taste of seven new products to promote healthy scalps and clean skin, and that’s not bad at all. [Read more…]

Q&A: What Hairstyle for Narrow Face and Thin Body

A reader asks…
I have long thin narrow face and long narrow thin body (6 ft
tall and 134lbs.) I would to get my hair cut short, but people around
me say, “no”. I am 49 y.o., but I look early 30. Your opinion would be
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Underarm Stains on Shirts No More

Yellow stains on the underarms of your shirts aren’t just ugly, but they can contribute to the demise of plenty of nice, white summery shirts. While staining does have to do with sweating, you can get your shirts white and clean with a few treatments and a little bit of elbow grease. [Read more…]