Buy @ Yoox: Men’s Long Sleeve Linen Shirts for Summer

Men’s long sleeve linen shirts are great for a trendy summer look. They translate well when you’re headed from the beach to the boardwalk or to a cafe, but they also work for a casual event or outing. You can be sure when you slip on one, you’ll stay cool in summer heat and look great, too. And what better way to summer coolness than arming yourself with a bit of Italian flair: [Read more…]

New Boutiques for Men: From Shinjuku to East Hampton

Looking for new boutiques on your summer travels? We’ve found three “can’t misses” in separate corners of the world. [Read more…]

Primer on Shirt Collar Styles

It may seem like just an itty-bitty detail, but it’s important to choose the proper shirt collar. You can change the entire feel of your ensemble with different choices of collars, including dressing your outfit up or down, gaining a more formal appearance or looking professional and polished. [Read more…]

Trend Report: Men’s Dress Shorts

Mens dress shorts are back! With an emphasis on clean lines and tailored effects, these shorts have inspired “strictly trousered” men to change their ways and adopt a summery, preppy look with very clean lines. [Read more…]

Cleaning White Sneakers

Are you loving your white kicks but are disappointed about how they’re already looking dingy? Don’t worry! There are lots of home remedies for cleaning your white sneakers, as well as one perfect product that can work wonders. [Read more…]