About Michael Snytkin

Michael Snytkin grew up in Europe and fell in love with fashion from the young age. Now, an attorney in Florida, Michael balances his wardrobe between traditional and modern, and constantly strives to improve his style.

Stressing Before The Big Day Or What I Wore For My Wedding


In June of 2007, I was struck by the cupid’s arrow and “big day” was set for June 19, 2010. My future wife’s continuous planning of her wedding outfit and my busy work schedule caused me no time to think about my ensemble. As a result, with a little over than a month before the wedding day, I did not have a wedding suit. And so, the search began. Lack of time, however, meant that a MTM suit was out of question and I had to proceed with a … [Read more...]

Camiceria Mazzarelli


While most clothing enthusiasts are familiar with the “usual suspects” in the shirt making industry, e.g., Barba, Finamore, Borrelli, the list can go on and on, there are plenty of smaller camicerias all over Italy that have been crafting handmade shirts to rival and even supersede the aforementioned brands. Let’s add Mazzarelli to that list. Mazzarelli was started by Marino Mazzarelli in 1951 as a cobblery shop. In 1960, Marino made a … [Read more...]

Searching For Quality Pants at Daffy’s, NYC


While in New York on a business trip, I decided to search for the much hyped Incotex and Mabitex pants to add to my business and casual wardrobe.  For those unfamiliar with these brands, there is plenty of discussion in these pages as well as the internet fora.  The mecca for the aforementioned trousers is Daffy’s, a discount retailer of merchandise, which offers both brands with tags cut out, however, at ridiculously low prices (I must add … [Read more...]

My Foray Into Santoni


My lengthy search for a double monkstrap ended when I laid my eyes on the Castagna model by Santoni. I have been searching for a pair of shoes that I could wear to work as well as in more causal settings, and this particular model seemed perfect. A few months back, I tried on a “similar” looking shoe by Canali at Neiman Marcus in San Diego. The Canali leather felt rubbery and after five minutes of carpet wear, the shoes formed visible … [Read more...]

Stingy Always Pays Twice


Still gleaming over my recent Lardini find, I decided to order more clothes from Yoox's Final Sale. I settled on three jackets and a pair of jeans, all by makers unknown to me. The prices were cheap, however, so I decided to proceed with the purchases, against my better judgment, and entered my credit card information. When the items arrived, my excitement turned to sadness. First jacket by a company called Tonello, while in my size, was at … [Read more...]