There Is Nothing Fat About Lardini


A few months ago, I placed a suit order from a reputable online retailer. When the package arrived, imagine my dismay when instead of a suit I ordered, the package contained a midnight blue, solid, two-button suit by a company called Lardini. After a moment of confusion, I called my tailor: “Daryl, I am coming over.” Five minutes later, I was trying on this mystery label. To his and my surprise, the suit fit really well. While half canvassed … [Read more...]

Canali PR Effort: The Olympics in “Style”

In its August 11, 2008, press release, Canali announced that it has partnered with NBC Sports to outfit the on-camera personalities for coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  The Canali / NBC partnership was the initiative by the Olympic Primetime host Bob Costas.  As part of the sponsorship, NBC personalities each received several complete outfits including custom made suits, sportswear, and accessories, and will wear Canali for the entirety … [Read more...]

Men’s Ex – In a League of Its Own

Before a recent trip to visit a friend, while waiting for my flight to board, I decided to pick up the latest issue of GQ magazine, my first in almost five years, and was appalled by what I read. Apparently, a lad named Shia LaBeouf in an interview confessed that he used to crap in his pants until he was 12 years old. Did I just read this? Really? In GQ? As I continued to read on the plane, it became apparent that GQ had deteriorated into a … [Read more...]

Say It Ain’t So, Massimo


As the misleading and whimsical title may suggest, this is not a Kiton bashing post. On the contrary, this writer is of the opinion that Kiton makes the best “ready to wear” suits, shirts, and possibly even shoes on the market. The brand's popularity in North America is largely due to the efforts of its U.S. President of Operations, Massimo Bizzocchi, whose hard work not only made the United States the largest consumer of Kiton in the world, … [Read more...]

The Overlooked Gem: Gravati Shoes


Amidst a pantheon of high end men's shoes, Gravati is one brand that often gets overlooked. Yet, anyone who owns a pair will tell you that Gravati is the most comfortable shoe in their collection. Gravati was founded in 1909 in Milan, Italy. While the brand maintains a cult following in Europe, Gravati was relatively unknown in the United States until the late 1990s when it began raising brand awareness by hosting trunk shows. These attempts, … [Read more...]