Wet And Welted


My last week or so has been a mess of snow, ice, rain, slush, and almost every form water can take on this planet. To say this has make footwear an issue is an understatement - stepping outside, one encounters slippery ice patches and ankle-deep puddles on the same block. So, I thought I would take a moment this week to talk about rough-weather footwear and the best options for keeping your dogs warm and dry. The most obvious, and obtrusive, … [Read more...]

On Heritage As Such


As I have mentioned before, the last few weeks have seen a slew of fashion shows and events, and the onslaught of yet another season's trends and particulars. But, oddly, one of the things making a statement these last few fashion cycles is the notion of the "heritage brand." Maybe I'm being persnickety, in fact I'm quite sure I am, but this seems a bit dubious and I wish to pick it apart, if for nothing but self-satisfaction. Right from the … [Read more...]

Waisting Away


One of the seemingly contradictory facets of what we like to think of as "classic" or "timeless" style is that it is, like everything after all, subject to the whims of fashion. Yes, yes, most devotees of Men's Flair and similar outlets are not waltzing around in the latest "it color" and reinventing their wardrobe twice a year, but certain things do change over time. The most significant of these is cut. Dinner-plate sized lapels seemed … [Read more...]

A Morning At Carreducker


Happy New Year to all. I thought for my first contribution of 2011 I would share an interview I conducted back in November while in London. James Ducker, half of the dynamic duo that make ups Carréducker shoes, was kind enough to meet with me in his Cockpit Yard studio in Bloomsbury to talk bespoke footwear. James ended up making shoes almost by accident. After university, James wanted to go to South America, but his mother luckily convinced … [Read more...]

A Little R & R


This time of year is a puzzling one for dressing. One moment you're loafing about the house, relaxing the waistband after a festive dinner with the family, and the next you're heading out to a holiday party, franticly trying to get those damned trousers to button again. While the later has been written about ad nauseam (by myself amongst others), its the former I want to focus on here. How to dress casually, but elegantly is, I think, the true … [Read more...]