On Fashion, Gender, And Society

Right out of the gate I want to make two things clear: First, this is not an indictment of individuals, but of ideas. Second, everyone is entitled to their ideas and beliefs, and I am just expressing my own. I have been troubled by a recent discussion taking place here on Mens Flair regarded the supposed differences inherent between men and women. A fellow columnist asserted, casually no-less, that "women tend to be led, men tend to choose," … [Read more...]

Perpendicular And Parallel

Honoré de Balzac once wrote "Carelessness in dressing is moral suicide," but we know that if carelessness is the number one sin, a bit too much carefulness is not far behind. There are the two ever-present opposite concerns of looking disjointed or ill-conceived and appearing a mannequin with everything matched to a fault. The key, as with all things menswear (and truly all things in life) is balance. Now, don't get ahead of me and think I'm … [Read more...]

Fits Like A Glove


Nowadays most people only ever wear gloves in the dead of winter to keep the chilly air at bay, but as recent as two- or three- hundred years ago it would have been unthinkable to venture out with one's hands bare. To shake a hand or greet an acquaintance without gloves on would have been considered rude and crass, but over the years, as formality has waned, so has the wearing of gloves. Along with many other accessories, gloves used to be … [Read more...]

A Tale Of Two Shoulders


Mr. Williams wrote a little while ago about the Rope and Pagoda shoulders, two of the less common shoulders available on men's jackets. To go back to basics for a moment, I wanted to discuss the difference a soft versus hard shoulder makes on the overall look and feel of a jacket. Oscar Wilde always said that a man dressed from his shoulders in reference to braces and trousers, but I think its a good rule overall. What spurred me to write … [Read more...]

Ode To The Loafer


While my taste usually remains somewhere under the large umbrella of "classic style," whatever that means, I am prone to having "moments" if you will. For a period of time, I get extremely devoted to a specific garment or style, and tend to incorporate it almost daily in whatever else I feel like wearing. I'll go months without touching a shoe that isn't black, weeks wearing only blue patterned shirts, or in the other direction, periods of time … [Read more...]