Stripes And Dots, Checks And Spots


To follow my fellow columnists, Mr. Williams and Mr. Chesterfield, I thought I would write on wearing patterns this week. Going into work on the tube, I have seen some men lately wearing some truly hideous shirt and tie combinations. A yellowy-beige shirt with a tie featuring a large graphic of a puffer-fish will flatter no man, and rather than making him look like a fun sort of guy just makes him look like the butt of his own joke. For me, … [Read more...]

Lazy In Linen


One of the problems I face with summer dressing is finding a suitable drapey replacement for flannel and worsted trousers. I personally like my trousers with a nice drape, especially since because I have a more prominent posterior, trousers that hang rather than hug are both more flattering and more comfortable. Enter the linen trouser. Chinos, while suitable to my being American, and great for just kicking around, lack that smooth line I so … [Read more...]

Driving Me Crazy


Well after a week in London, it finally happened: a day with no rain. And, as you of course know, that means new shoe day. I have a pair of driving loafers I got at the end of last summer during the sales that I have patiently sat on for almost 9 months now, and today was finally the day. They left their box, their dustbags, and their fresh, unsoiled form behind in favor of my feet and some dry asphalt. And I'd like to think they couldn't be … [Read more...]

The Little Luxuries – A Dressing Gown


“We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” – Oscar Wilde While many things one enjoys may seem like frivolous luxuries, sometimes they are much more indispensable than we give them credit for. In an age of increased efficiency and constant connectivity, things which are truly personal and indulgent sometimes become what we really need to stay sane. And this doesn't mean they need be expensive - just important … [Read more...]

The Inelegance Of Travel


This past week I traveled home from University, and must say I was more than a bit appalled by what I saw in the airports and on the planes. Now this was no long trek - a simple hour and a half flight, followed by a short thirty minute connecting flight with just an hour layover in between. Should be uneventful, right? Obviously I was not alive during the glory days of truly elegant travel, with its beautiful trunks, well appointed train cars, … [Read more...]